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Updates: 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price Guide

October 22, 2015

Since the release of the 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price List, we’ve received an enormous amount of positive feedback. We appreciate everyone who’s responded with their comments and recommendations. At this time, we would like to inform you of a few corrections we’ve made to the recently published 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price List. You can find links below to print the updated pages for replacement in your catalog.

Catalog Updates: 10/22/15

  • Page 7: Spelling correction, “Memebers” to “Members”
  • Page 26-34: Formatting consistency. All measurements now list “in.” instead of the quotation format (“).
  • Page 31: “Scale BO” has been update to correctly display “Scale TR”
  • Page 38: Dimensional drawing for pocket and side channel has been updated with the correct measurements
  • Page 65: Item #3 in the assembly view has been updated to list the correct item
  • Page 112 – 114: Color swatches added for Cassette hardware
  • Page 155: Blackout lining now correctly displays as “Blackout Lining – Berlin BO” instead of “Blackout Lining – Berlin TR”
  • Page 196: Specification corrections

Download the updated pages only here, or Download the full catalog here.

For more information on the complete BTX motorization program, please contact a BTX Team Member via email or at (800) 422-8839.

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