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Custom Drapery Systems

Grey opaque drapery system with semi-opaque white drapes.

Elevate your space with custom drapery

Motorized drapery systems from BTX enhance a classic staple in the world of shading. Backed by more than three decades of engineering and experience, BTX drapery systems deliver an unprecedented level of comfort, convenience, control, and reliability – modernizing this traditional treatment in an entirely new way. 

Whether your goal is to increase the privacy and functionality of your space, control the temperature within the environment, or simply block sunlight and UV rays from entering indoors, BTX can help. With solutions designed for varying applications, BTX offers a range of quiet, advanced, powerful, and user-friendly system options to empower each user in their direct requirements.

To meet your functional requirements and elevate your user-experience, BTX systems come available with the following key features:

  • AC, DC, or battery motor options
  • Custom curving to specification
  • Wall or ceiling mount hardware
  • Single or dual track systems
  • Pinch pleat, Ripplefold, and Accordia Fold carriers
  • One-way, split draw, off-set split, and multi-stack configurations
  • Weight capacities over 300 pounds
  • Custom control solutions designed around your specific interior
  • Home automation and building management integration solutions available 

Our expert designers and manufacturers have decades of experience collaborating with our valued clients to ensure you find the optimal shading solution. We’ve perfected a seamless process to realize your aesthetic vision while creating a space that perfectly blends utility and beauty.

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