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Exterior Skylight Shades

Custom exterior skylight systems.

The advantages of exterior skylight shades

Skylights are a highly sought-after, pleasant, and eco-friendly addition to any home or commercial space because they provide additional natural light, particularly in spaces that don’t receive it from traditional vertical windows. These spaces experience an incredible lighting ambiance, enhance ergonomics, and can brighten a space without the need to constantly run power.

When designing your space around a skylight, it’s critical to incorporate the right shading solutions to impact not only light management, but also heat mitigation. BTX exterior skylight systems combine the technology of exterior shading with the convenience of multi-orientational installation requirements to deliver a robust solution for a variety of applications.

Leveraging over 35 years of hands-on industry expertise, BTX is able to design and manufacture exterior skylight shades on virtually any plane and configuration of skylights. Skylight shades offer the same benefits as other shading systems, such as temperature, light, and UV control, while also preventing furniture fading and keeping your skylights clean for longer.

Designed as a tensioned zipper track system at its core, these systems are highly durable and reliable. With a variety of mounting options, they can mount directly to the surface application, or can be mounted using pre-specified guide rail profiles mounting brackets for unit standoff and clearance. For more information on these custom solutions, click below to learn more about how BTX can give you greater control and comfort in your space with an exterior skylight shade.

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