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Twister Sail

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Transcend Traditional Awnings

BTX Twister Sail solutions bring a cost effective, convenient, and comfortable shading solution to your outdoor space, without the need for highly engineered structures or installations. Covering up to a 20’ x 20’ area, the Twister Sail is a shading solution that goes beyond the capabilities of a standard awning system. Low-load attachments mean the Twister Sail can be configured to fit in spaces and onto structures that typically could not hold awnings.

Additionally, because the Twister Sail is hand-operated, it can be installed and used in a wide variety of environments without worrying about power, electricity, and wiring. Enjoy the benefits of the Twister Sail on a backyard deck, home garden, restaurant patio, marina, or yacht.

Experience the modernity, minimalism, and elegance coupled with easy operation and optimal protection from the elements with the Twister Sail. Click below to reach out to BTX and inquire about the Twister Sail. We’d be delighted to help you discover the benefits of this innovative product.

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