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Roman Shades and Hardware

Custom Roman shading system designed and fabricated by BTX.

A versatile option for custom shading

Roman shades are regarded as a classic, aesthetic choice for privacy, light control, and temperature control. BTX works with a variety of customer’s own materials – standard or non-traditional – for customizing Roman shades, including bamboo, grass, woven wood, and even blackout materials.

The visual benefit of Roman shades is that they maintain a stylized, luxurious look even when they are rolled up – additionally, because Roman shades don’t have slats like standard blinds, they offer a higher level of sun and temperature control. Traditionally, these beautiful treatments can be difficult to operate, given their heavier fabrics or complex cord-locking systems. BTX motorized Roman shade hardware maintains the elegance of your beautiful treatment, and simply converts it to a user-friendly motorized solution. Designed around an easily deployable hardware kit format, these systems can convert manual roman shades in the field, or you can send your fabrics directly to BTX for mounting and configuring.

As is the case with BTX’s other line of custom shading products, we are able to upgrade your system even further by automating, motorizing, and integrating the solution with a variety of control solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more or get started.

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