Whether they’re used to soften a room or just to add character, GeminiTM Shades can add a soft distinctive style to nearly any window in the room. GeminiTM Shades are perfect for creating the desired light, view and privacy by simply adjusting the double layer of transparent and non-transparent fabric stripes in respect to one another.

These systems are simple to install and operate, and offer a robust assortment of designer hardware accessories. This collection has a variety of features including metallic or matte, regular-sized or large stripes. The oversized stripes of the fabrics in innovative collections Skiathos XL and Kos XXL enable a good view outside and create a grand decorative effect, especially suitable for tall windows.

Product Features

RollEase Cassette
42mm Mounting Profile
Ultimate Hardware
Max Width 8 ft. (96in.)8 ft. (96in.)8 ft. (96in.)
Max Height9 ft. (108in.)9 ft. (108in.)9 ft. (108in.)
Tube Diameter1.5 in.1.5 in.30mm
Motor OptionsMagnum.8 433 MHz
ABC-05 2.4 GHzABC-05 2.4 GHz
Max Lifting Capacity6 lbs.
6 lbs.6 lbs.
Motor Power Type24V Power Supply24V Power Supply or Battery Wand24V Power Supply or Battery Wand
Motor Limit TypeElectronicElectronicElectronic
Built-in Radio
Contact ClosureN/A
Note: Based on total shade size, maximum width/height configurations may result in undesired characteristics like fabric deflection. Large shades may also be limited by the maximum lifting capacity of the motor. Contact factory for questions regarding large shades in your project.

Product Documentation

Motorized Gemini – Standard

Motorized Gemini – Mounting Strip


Motorized Gemini – Ultimate


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