The Tumo drapery system was designed for most residential and lighter commercial/hospitality type projects. Featuring a low voltage motor line, this system comes with a range of flexible features including Smart Touch technology, built in radio control, and contact closure for integration. These tracks are easy to install on a wall or ceiling, and can simply plug into a normal 110V/120V wall outlet.

Tumo tracks can be curved and reverse curved, spliced, and more. Whether you have a standard sheer or a heavy overdrape, Tumo drapery systems give convenience and flexibility at a reasonable cost. For heavier or more custom applications, check out our Futura or Classic AC systems.

Product Features

Tumo XcelTumo HDTumo Solar
Built-in Radio
Contact Closure
Smart Touch
Power Type24V Power Supply24V Power SupplySolar Panel
Pinch Pleat Carrier
RippleFold Carrier
AccordiaFold Carrier
Curve Radius18 in.18 in.18 in.
Max Width37 ft.37 ft.37 ft.
Max Pulling Capacity (single motor)60 lbs.120 lbs.45 lbs.
Max Pulling Capacity (tandem motor)N/A240 lbs.90 lbs.
Hardware ColorsWhite/Bronze/Antique GoldWhite/Bronze/Antique GoldWhite/Bronze/Antique Gold

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