The Futura drapery system is a strong, advanced motorization solution ideal for commercial and hospitality projects, as well as larger residential applications. This system utilizes a designer oriented hardware system similar to the Tumo product line, however this motor utilizes the latest in 2.4 GHz Mesh Network technology. Futura will come in handy for larger drapery requirements where the client prefers to have a motor with internal radio or networking control.

The Futura is the newest solution in a long running line of quality BTX drapery products. Should your clients require this advanced system, there’s no need to fear its compatibility with existing products in the field. With BTX Intelligent Fashion technology, this 2.4 GHz motor can easily communicate with other 433 MHz products (like Tumo or Classic).

Product Features

Built-in Radio
Contact ClosureN/A
Smart Touch
Power Type110V/120V Line-Voltage
Pinch Pleat Carrier
RippleFold Carrier
AccordiaFold Carrier
Curve Radius18 in.
Max Width37 ft.
Max Pulling Capacity (single motor)110 lbs.
Max Pulling Capacity (tandem motor)220 lbs.
Hardware ColorsWhite

Product Documentation

Futura Drapery Line

Production Forms

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