Classic drapery systems have been favored by our clients for nearly as long as we’ve been in business. The staple of the BTX heritage, Classic drapery systems continue to prove themselves as among the strongest and most reliable drapery products in the industry. Featuring pure mechanical drive motors on an architecturally designed headrail system, Classic systems work best in jobs requiring large and/or heavy drapes or even those with tight curves.

The motor unit itself doesn’t include built-in RF control technology, however; the Classic still has access to a wide range of Intelligent Fashion controls. Each system and control layout is built to spec for our clients, and every unit is tested before leaving our Dallas factory.

Product Features

30W System45W System
Built-in RadioN/AN/A
Contact ClosureN/AN/A
Smart TouchN/AN/A
Power Type110V/120V Line-Voltage110V/120V Line-Voltage
Pinch Pleat Carrier
RippleFold Carrier
AccordiaFold Carrier
Curve Radius14 in.14 in.
Max Width23 ft. (50 ft. Tandem)36 ft. (50 ft. Tandem)
Max Pulling Capacity (single motor)80 lbs. at 12 ft.160 lbs. at 12 ft.
Max Pulling Capacity (tandem motor)160 lbs. at 24 ft.280 lbs. at 24 ft.
Hardware ColorsWhite/Anodized/Black/Dark BronzeWhite/Anodized/Black/Dark Bronze

Product Documentation

Classic Drapery Line

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