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New Technology for a Smarter Home

August 10, 2015

BTX Intelligent Fashion, LLC
Dallas, TX, August 10, 2015

New Technology Can Make Your House a Smart Home—
Easily, affordably and one step at a time


It all starts at the window. New advanced control technology to automate your window coverings will take much of the complication out of automation systems for the home. Smart motors located in window coverings hardware such as for shades, blinds or drapes are at the core of this new approach. By means of mobile devices or wireless switches, the motors communicate with independent modules that can be added one by one to whichever regular outlets or devices you choose to connect and control by your network. This will all occur wirelessly via the newly developed Bluetooth® Smart communications layer. The software for this new operating control technology is a proprietary development of Silvair.™

In partnership, Silvair and Dallas-based BTX Intelligent Fashion® developed the applications for automated window coverings so as to introduce this unique ecosystem concept to the North American residential market. “We are delighted to enter into cooperation with such a reputable partner as BTX,” said Rafal Han, CEO of Seed Labs, the parent company of Silvair. “They become yet another link in the Silvair ecosystem, making the entire environment more complete and amplifying the benefit for end users.”

The Silvair ecosystem comprises a full range of smart modules all designed to empower the multitude of electrically powered devices in the home such as shades, lights, locks and the like. OBAY Technologies, Inc., is charged with the broad distribution as this program develops. The company cooperates with BTX specifically for the window coverings market segment. BTX is adding the technology under the OBAY brand name to its program.

Selection of window coverings as a major market entry point was a natural decision based on the immediate impact that those products exert on interior design, home comfort and energy savings. “Combining BTX systems with Silvair technology and its exceptional flexibility and simplicity of use is a no-brainer,” according to BTX CEO Jon Vrielink. “End users can configure their own networks by simply adding, deleting or grouping whichever addressable modules they choose, directly from their mobile devices. That will eliminate many of the complications and costs of hubs, programming and hardwiring.”

BTX also recently announced the introduction of its full line program Coulisse luxury materials and systems. Coulisse is internationally renowned for its premium quality fabrics and up-scale designs. By offering the combination of Coulisse fashion products with the advanced Silvair control technology, BTX Intelligent Fashion presents truly unique interior design solutions for the demanding residential and upper end hospitality markets.

BTX will be showing a new family of Silvair smart window coverings solutions comprising automated shades, blinds and drapery systems at the soft launch during the MetroCon’15 design expo and conference in Dallas on August 13 and 14.


For more information, contact:
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