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The Latest in Low-Voltage Technology

June 4, 2013

The overwhelming trend over the last few years has been in the improvement of products based on three key factors: accessibility, sustainability and overall simplicity. BTX has been working diligently to ensure that all these features are standard in the BTX motorization program. Our fully-fabricated roller shade line is a prime example of this commitment to raising the bar.

BTX roller shades are custom built from start to finish. Covering a wide range of applications, each shade is manufactured on demand to work for a specific project and environment. BTX combines a simple, streamlined presentation with some of the strongest and most versatile motorized hardware systems in the industry to deliver unquestionable power and reliability.

BTX systems are available with a wide range of fabulous fabrics through The Coulisse Portfolio and boast our advanced Intelligent Fashion™ motorization technology. Some key features of the DC lineinclude:

  1. Multiple system configurations for small or medium sized systems
  2. Over 700 options with The Coulisse Portfolio premium decorative fabrics
  3. Multiple power options including battery, solar or plug-in transformer
  4. Built-in radio and networking technology
  5. Electronic or mechanical limits

The power that drives your business…


Magnum™ technology is the latest addition to BTX’s DC line of motorized window coverings. Even through its our smallest motor yet, Magnum™ packs a punch! With built-in controls, this is the ideal solution for motorization beginners or pros alike! Order your custom shade with Magnum™ technology today.


Quantum™ is the industry’s first true solar technology. Only on the market for a short time, BTX has over 10,000 solar-driven systems in the field. Combining convenient control technology and solar energy as a wireless power source, Quantum™ motors make an ideal solution for the right projects.
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