Simply Stunning Drapery Motorization!

Save money on your next project without sacrificing quality or simplicity. BTX has been making motorized drapery systems for more than 30 years, and our team can help you transform your projects with some of the best products in the business. Call today to get a personalized estimate for our advanced Tumo drapery [...]

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Save 10% on new Tumo Xcel drapery system orders!

New Tumo Xcel drapery system orders can qualify for up to an additional 10% off with orders placed before Friday, March 18! Just include promo code LOVEBTX16 on all order submissions! BTX Tumo Automated Drapery Systems are Impressive, Smooth, and Powerful! SmartTouch touch control Current Sensing limits (No manual limit setting required) Motors with [...]

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Save Big on Motorized Drapery Systems!

Reference Promo Code DR-02-2014  and enjoy the wonders of the motorization world Whether lightweight or opulent, BTX motorized drapery systems deliver a full range of solutions for a variety of drapery sizes and styles. BTX drapery systems can control long, luscious draperies to cover large windows, and the tracks can be custom-curved and go great widths [...]

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