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Specialty Automation Systems

August 4, 2014

Did you know?
BTX goes beyond drapery and roller shade motorization

Specialty Automation Systems

More than 28 years ago, BTX started in the automation industry by offering highly customized specialty systems. Today, the market increasingly calls for such specialty products. BTX sets itself apart as a leader in the industry by providing automation solutions for nearly any type of window treatment. BTX offers a wide range of specialty systems such as vertical blinds, lift and lift/tilt shades and skylight systems.
By controlling the presence and absence of light, you can greatly impact the comfort level of interior spaces. BTX specializes in giving customers the control to create the perfect balance of light in order to best suit their designs. Whether for AC or DC applications, BTX brings window treatments to life at the touch of a button. When an interior space calls for automation, BTX is your source!
The BTX Slenderline™ System offers excellent light control by allowing for both rotate and traverse functions. As one of BTX’s premier lines, vertical motorization is still popular today. With a variety of vane and spacing options, BTX can custom-build to fit your project.
BTX Slenderline™ Features
  • Motor is mounted behind track and completely hidden by the headrail.
  • One button operation for rotating and traversing.
  • Two tracks of equal length can be butted together for large widths
  • Accepts 2″, 3-1/2″ or 5″ vanes
The BTX MotorBlind™ MLS-40 System is the solution for automating lift and lift/tilt shades and blinds. With this patented system, BTX can motorize all pleated and cellular shades, as well as mini and wood blinds with ease.
BTX MotorBlind™ MLS-40 Features
  • Capable of lifting and tilting shades or blinds with existing cords
  • Can use any of the custom control options available
  • Quiet, easy to install systems
  • Pre-set automatic shut-off limit switches
BTX Sky Control™ systems offer solutions where many projects need it most. Skylights are notorious for great room lighting and extra heat. Motorized skylight systems let your customer control their environment at their convenience.
BTX Sky Control™ Features 
  • Shading material of systems completely clears window when retracted
  • Systems have direct drive synchronous motors
  • Built-in switches ensure automatic shut-off
  • Curved to specification
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