Featuring a fully comprehensive line of fashion-friendly hardware and textiles coupled with advanced motorization technology, Intelligent Fashion delivers a refreshed sense of style and flexibility. Utilizing motorization technology already familiar to our customers, Intelligent Fashion now also includes a collection of fabrics, hardware, and technology as part of the new Coulisse Portfolio.

With many improvements to the program come huge benefits for our customers. In contrast to our previous classifications of RS-10, RS-15, and RS-20, our products are now grouped into two categories of three classes. The Intelligent Fashion Roller Shade program is comprised of a Motorized and Manual category, each with a shading classification of S-Class (Small), M-Class (Medium), and L-Class (Large). This helps to more easily pair projects accordingly with the products best suited for the job.

Click the images below for more information on what Intelligent Fashion Roller Shades can do for you.

Motorized Roller Shade

Manual Roller Shade


Roller Shade Showroom

Visit the Intelligent Fashion Showroom to see pictures from various projects. If you have a BTX Intelligent Fashion roller shade project, let us know so we can feature you in our online showroom!