The BTX Aura Drapery System brings an exciting addition to our collection of automation solutions. Inspired by BTX’s long-running expertise in drapery automation, Aura delivers a beautiful hybrid between the well-known 5060 Classic drapery system and our popular Tumo drapery system. Aura combines the architecturally designed hardware system and high-capacity performance of the Classic with the simplicity and functionality of the Tumo drapery to deliver an incredible solution for nearly any project.

Aura brings simplicity to the life of both industry professionals and end-users. This system is easy to install, program, and operate. With a super quiet drive motor and features like slow-start and customizable electronic limits, Aura provides an ambiance to the room that won’t soon be forgotten.

Product Features

Aura (120 lbs.)
Built-in Radio
Contact Closure
Electronic Limits
Smart Touch
Intermediate Stops
Noise Level34 db
Power Type24V DC Low-Voltage
Pinch Pleat Carrier
RippleFold Carrier
AccordiaFold Carrier
Curve Radius14 in.
Max Width23 ft. (50 ft. Tandem)
Max Pulling Capacity (single motor)120 lbs. at 12 ft.
Max Pulling Capacity (tandem motor)240 lbs. at 24 ft.
Hardware ColorsWhite/Anodized/Black/Dark Bronze

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