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BTX’s NEW Battery Motor Solution!

BTX is happy to introduce the latest addition to our automation family, the BTX 25E RF. This is a handy tubular motor that is perfect for retrofit applications or new builds. Designed to fit existing 1.5 in. tubes using small-tab mount brackets, or hook mount bracket applications, this motor is a quick and [...]

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Start Smart in 2017 with Quality Automation Systems from BTX

Kickoff 2017 in a big way by taking advantage of a wide range window covering products, courtesy of BTX! Automated systems are designed to make your life easier, and they can also bring some cool technology into your environment! Imagine running a living room drapery from a remote control, or managing a restaurant-full [...]

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Thank you for visiting us at IWCE 2016!

Thank you for visiting with us at the IWCE Vision show in Las Vegas last week. We were excited to show you some of our latest developments in shading automation and advanced control systems. As a brief recap, our display showcased: A wide range of automated window coverings A beautiful and unique collection [...]

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Join BTX at IWCE 2016!

Experience the Latest in Shading Technology Drapery Systems | Roller Shades | Gemini Dual Shades | Roman Shades Pleated Shades | Wood Blinds | Vertical Blinds | Skylights | Panel Tracks Come to IWCE 2016 and see how you can easily automate your home environment with BTX Intelligent Fashion solutions. BTX will be showcasing [...]

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Update #2: 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price Guide

BTX has made some recent revisions to our Product Guide & Retail Price List. Please find a summary of the latest updates below: Catalog Updates: 12/08/15 Pages 12 & 17: Updated the Pinch Pleat dimensional drawings to show measurement to the inside-bottom of the grommet. Roll width corrections have been made throughout the book for the [...]

2015-12-08T19:18:58+00:00December 8th, 2015|BTX News|

Updates: 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price Guide

Since the release of the 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price List, we've received an enormous amount of positive feedback. We appreciate everyone who's responded with their comments and recommendations. At this time, we would like to inform you of a few corrections we've made to the recently published 2015 Product Guide & Retail Price [...]

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Join BTX at CEDIA 2015!

Experience the latest in Shading Technology Come to CEDIA 2015 and see how you can easily automate your home environment with BTX Intelligent Fashion solutions. BTX will be showcasing a range of smart home devices including shades, lights, power modules, and more. These types of smart devices form the core of the growing IoT market, [...]

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BTX Announces NEW Price Guide & Product Information

Boost your Business with BTX BTX is pleased to announce the latest updates in our exciting program of fashion-oriented window coverings. Since 2013, BTX has been partnering with Coulisse, the industry leader in designer textiles, to strike a balance between the worlds of high fashion and advanced technology. By combining these elegant fabrics with BTX’s [...]

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New Technology for a Smarter Home

BTX Intelligent Fashion, LLC Dallas, TX, August 10, 2015 New Technology Can Make Your House a Smart Home— Easily, affordably and one step at a time   It all starts at the window. New advanced control technology to automate your window coverings will take much of the complication out of automation systems for the home. [...]

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